About Us —

Who are we and what do we provide?

Fairway Constructors, Inc. is a team of experienced professionals specialized and licensed in all aspects of construction in Arizona, California, and Nevada:

Fairway Constructors, Inc. uses state of the art virtual 3D architecture design. We also specialize in Real Estate, Sales and Marketing and Construction Management.

We are qualified and experienced in home design and planning, engineering analysis, budget development and financing. In fact, we are your one stop consultant and builder. We have several building sites available or we can build on your site. Which, for you, translates to savings and better quality.

What makes us different from other builders in the area?

Most builders do not have a sufficient quantity of projects to keep their subcontractors and trades busy year-round. This has a significant negative impact on the quality of their work.

At Fairway Constructors, Inc, we pride ourselves on high quality workmanship. Our subcontractors and trades have been with us for over 10 years – they understand our expectations and high quality of work standards.

Another difference is the convenience of “one stop shopping”. From home design to completion, you are always working with a team of experienced professionals, who are available and dedicated to meeting your expectations.

How long has Fairway Constructors been in the Tri-State area?

Fairway Constructors, Inc. has been actively engaged in home building and commercial construction since 1989 in the Tri-State area.

Glen Ludwig (President) and Mehdi Azarmi (Vice President) together have over 80 years of practical experience in construction and engineering.

Tri-State General Contractor